Looking for ways to keep some of your wedding planning simple?  How about starting with your save the dates.

Sharing photos has become quite trendy with couples when they formally announce their wedding date to family and friends.  Choosing to send a save the date magnet is perfect for sharing a favorite photo (or two) and making it easy for guests to display them on their refrigerator as a quick reminder and memorable keepsake.

Our newest magnet designs for save the dates, as shown below, really put the main focus on your photo while keeping the wording very simple.  Typically printed on them are your names and the date of your upcoming wedding.  Other options can include listing the city & state where you will get married and/or the phrase ‘Invitation to Follow’ although it’s most likely assumed that receiving your save the date means they will also receive your wedding invitation.

Save the Date Magnets

Save the Date Magnets

In this more unique design, Lovely Leaves Save the Date Magnet, your photo fits perfectly in the leafy design and is surrounded by the wording.

Save the Date Magnets Lovely Leaves

Lovely Leaves Save the Date Magnet

Photos are great but certainly not required for a wedding save the date.  This Timeless Love magnet is definitely a fun, bright colored design option.

Timeless Love Magnet for Save the Date

Timeless Love Save the Date Magnet

Even though trends in design may change, the basics remain the same so be sure to check out our Save the Date FAQ’s blog post.  You can also take a look at our Pinterest board featuring unique save the dates ideas – http://www.pinterest.com/prntdcreations/save-the-dates-cards-magnets/.

Have you thought about how you can share a special memory with family and friends from your wedding celebration after it’s over?

Giving them your favorite wedding photo as a keepsake could be the perfect solution.

Depending on how quickly you want to start writing out your thank you notes, this could be a great way to share one, or even a few, of your wedding photos while thanking guests for their generous gift and for celebrating with you.  Having thank you cards printed with your favorite photo may take just a little more time and effort but family and friends will surely appreciate the extra touch and the souvenir they will have of the joyous celebration.

Here’s just a sampling of all the different designs available when it comes to photo thank you notes.  Many of them are folded so you have the inside to hand write your message.  If you aren’t sure about the etiquette to follow when writing your note, check out this previous blog post all about wedding thank you card guidelines.

Wedding Photo Thank You Cards

Wedding Photo Thank You Cards

Another unique idea would be sending family and friends a photo Christmas card featuring your favorite wedding photo giving them a memento of your celebration.  It’s also a great way to commemorate your first married Christmas as newlyweds and to remember your special day.

Here are just a few examples of newlywed Christmas card designs.  You can really choose any holiday photo card design and simply make it custom using your favorite wedding photo.

Newlywed Photo Christmas Cards

Newlywed Photo Christmas Cards

Part of wedding invitation shopping is becoming familiar with all the different styles available.  One such style is the All ‘n One Invitation which is a great choice when it comes to affordable and stylish wedding invitations.

This convenient style includes the invitation, reception information, any accommodation details and a detachable response postcard (no response envelope needed) all printed on a two-sided single card design.  Because all this information is printed together as one invitation piece, the cost savings are passed on to you resulting in affordable wedding invitations.

Different from seal ‘n send invitations that fold and seal into their own mailing piece, the all ‘n one style does require a mailing envelope after it’s folded.

There are a variety of all ‘n one invitation designs from which to choose depending on your wedding theme.  Several let you feature favorite photos as well as customize the paper and ink colors. Here are just a few of the design choices available (front and back shown) with each one having its own uniqueness as to how photos and details for the response, reception and accommodations are presented.

Affordable Wedding Invitations Cherished Moments All n One

Cherished Moments All n One Invitation

Affordable Wedding Invitations Perfect Posies All n One

Perfect Posies All ‘n One Invitation

All n One Invitation Carved Out Love

Carved Out Love All ‘n One Invitation

All n One Invitation Picture Perfect Love

Picture Perfect Love All ‘n One Invitation

Now that you are familiar with this unique and affordable invitation style, you are invited to browse all of our available All ‘n One wedding invitations.

When it comes to formal wedding invitation wording, there are certain etiquette guidelines to keep in mind, especially when it comes to spelling and abbreviations.  Although, there are now modern twists to some of these traditional rules with today’s trendy invitation designs.

Here we will review formal etiquette standards for spelling and abbreviations along with some related modern-day variations…

  • Non-professional titles such as Mr. and Mrs. are acceptable abbreviations.
    • You will also notice some examples of wording that list the first names of the couple’s parents without using these titles so it’s your preference.
  • Professional titles such as Doctor should be spelled out completely.
  • Symbols are not typically used.  So, for example, the word ‘and’ should be spelled out.
    • Some of today’s wedding invitations use the ampersand symbol (&) as part of their contemporary look as in this Botanical Garden design.
Botanical Garden Wedding Invitation

Botanical Garden Wedding Invitation

  • Your wedding date (month, day and year) should be written in words instead of numbers.
    • Trendy wedding invitation designs may include the date of your wedding printed as we normally write it using numbers for the day and year.

This Swirled Decadence invitation actually highlights the numeric date in a larger lettering style.

Swirled Decadence Wedding Invitation

Swirled Decadence Invitation

This Elegant Swirls invitation emphasizes the wedding date in all numbers at the top and again within the wording.

Elegant Swirls Invitation with Backer

Elegant Swirls Invitation with Backer

  • Times should appear in words and without the abbreviations of a.m. or p.m.  Instead, use the phrase ‘in the afternoon’ or ‘in the evening’ to be specific.
Contemporary Ikat Wedding Invitation

Contemporary Ikat Invitation

  • Names of states and words such as ‘Street’, ‘Boulevard’, ‘Avenue’, ‘Trail’, etc. should be written in their entirety.

As a reference, here is the Avante-Gard invitation that features traditional, formal wording etiquette.

Avante Gard Invitation

Avante Gard Invitation

As you can see by these few examples, our selection of modern wedding invitations offers a lot of variation in how some of your wedding details are listed as part of the design.  In fact, traditional etiquette may even be combined with some contemporary elements.

So you said ‘Yes!’ and the wedding planning has begun.  Now it’s time to ask those closest to you if they will do you the honor of being in your wedding party standing next to you as you say ‘I do’.

Since recent trends seem to involve more than just verbally asking bridesmaids and groomsmen to be part of your wedding celebration, here are some creative and fun ideas for popping the question.

How about bridal party scratch off cards?  Create some exciting suspense by having them do the scratch off to reveal whether you are asking them to be a bridesmaid or maid/matron of honor.

 Will You Be My Bridesmaid Cards

Bridal Party Scratch Off Cards

And we can’t forget about the guys in your wedding party. Here are some scratch off cards just for them, again depending on their role of either groomsman or best man.

Will You Be My Groomsman Cards

Groomsman & Best Man Scratch Off Cards

These embroidered Pop the Question tote bags are adorable for not only asking the appropriate question but also for keeping as a remembrance of their role in your wedding. They can also be used long after the celebration.  As a special personal touch for each gal, have their name embroidered on the tote and consider filling it with their favorite item to let them know just how important they are to you.

Pop the Question Tote Bags

Pop the Question Tote Bags

We all know weddings can bring on happy tears so how appropriate are these ‘Will you be my…’ personalized hankies.  Personalize the hankie design that asks the right question with her name in embroidery.  What a terrific keepsake of your wedding celebration, and it may just come in handy on the day itself.

Will You Be My Bridesmaid Hanky

Will You Be My Bridesmaid, Maid of Honor, Matron of Honor Hankies

If you are planning to give each person a gift when you ask them to be in your wedding party, why not include a fun card or gift tag appropriate to the role you are asking them to fulfill.  These adorable Pop the Question sets include bridesmaid (5), maid of honor, matron of honor, personal attendant, flower girl, groomsman (5), best man and ring bearer.

Pop the Question Sets

Pop the Question Sets

Hopefully these ideas gave you some inspiration for having some fun and being creative when popping the question to those you have hand picked to be part of your wedding party.

I couldn’t end this post without talking about how you will thank each of these special people who you chose to stand by you on one of the most important days of your life.  These thank you card sets are perfect for writing a very personal note of thanks to each person for the role they played in your wedding celebration.  Each set is a little different as far as the specific people they cover but both sets include ‘Special Thanks’ cards that can be written for other wedding party members or even parents.

Wedding Party Thank You Sets

Wedding Party Thank You Sets

Last, but certainly, not least, be sure to also check out our fabulous selection of personalized gifts for your wedding attendants.

Boho wedding invitations are a natural choice for introducing guests to your bohemian theme.  Words like rustic, laid back, vintage, nature, florals, romantic, chic and whimsical may come to mind when describing this style of wedding.

This theme has gained popularity with couples in recent years.  Whether it’s using florals and vines to represent nature or soft colors for a rustic vintage look or bright bold colors for a whimsical appearance, you’ll find there are unique ways to display your boho wedding theme on your invitations.  Here are just a few examples…

This elegant letterpress Boho Vines Invitation perfectly fits its name by featuring a simple boho vine for a natural rustic touch to frame your wording.

Boho Wedding Invitations Boho Vines

Boho Vines Invitation

On this customer favorite, Boho Breeze, soft floral colors along with a hint of a lace pattern create vintage elegance.  It’s a two-sided card, and it’s hard to decide which side has the prettier design.  Matching insert pieces continue the boho chic style.

Bohemian Wedding Invitations Boho Breeze

Boho Breeze Invitation

The charming wreath of flowers and greenery on this Boho Botanicals Invitation seems to resemble a floral headpiece that some brides wear for a bohemian themed wedding.

Boho Botanicals Wedding Invitation

Boho Botanicals Invitation

For a more whimsical look, you can choose this Flowery Boho Invitation with its brighter floral shades.  This two-sided design lets you decide the background color on both sides.

Unique Wedding Invitations Flowery Boho

Flowery Boho Invitation

Start your boho theme off right with this Boho Swag Save the Date to announce your upcoming wedding date.  You create your own custom look with your color selection for the flowers and you provide your favorite photo for the other side of the card.

Wedding Save the Dates Boho Swag

Boho Swag Save the Date

If you are planning to celebrate your wedding with a boho or bohemian theme, I hope you have found some inspiring design ideas to get you started.  Feel free to browse all of our available boho wedding invitations.

Did you know there’s a lot of terminology when it comes to wedding invitations.  In past blog posts, we covered basic invitation termsmore modern day terms and terms related to different invitation printing processes.

With new wedding trends popping up all the time, many of them also carry over to invitations therefore introducing even more lingo to learn.  So here’s some additional terminology you may want to become familiar with for your invitation shopping…

All ‘n One invitation – convenient design combines all of your wedding celebration information on a single invitation piece that folds up for easy inserting into its mailing envelope.  Printed on this two-sided design are your ceremony, reception, accommodations and response details.  The response portion is an actual postcard that is removed by guests to simply mail back without the need for an extra envelope.  Many of these designs also include room for a favorite photo or two.

Picture Perfect Love All n One Invitation

Picture Perfect Love All n One Invitation

Backer Card – an additional blank card, in your color choice, that is slightly larger in size compared to your invitation card.  It requires some assembly to attach it underneath with provided glue dots so that the edges of the backer card create a contrasting color border around your invitation card.

Modern Decadence Invitation with Backer

Modern Decadence Invitation with Backer

Flat printing (also known as digital printing) – a printing process by which ink is deposited flat onto the paper surface by a digital printer.  Your color options are vast with this process as it may also provide flexibility in being able to change the color of the design as well as the wording for a truly custom look.  Printing of photos and full color designs are very popular uses of flat printing due to the accuracy and clarity the process provides.

Beach Bliss Valstyle Invitation

Beach Bliss ValStyle Invitation

Glitter printing (glitter ink printing) – a process of printing that adds extra shine and glam to your invitation design.  Real glitter is mixed with thermography powder and then heated to coat lettering and designs.

Glitz and Glam Invitation

Glitz and Glam Invitation

Laser cut – the process of cutting designs into paper with a laser beam.  Laser cut wedding invitations are beautifully unique with their intricate details that are often times used in corner, border or wrap designs and are occasionally even accented with color.

Laser Cut Wedding Invitations Sumptuous Rose

Sumptuous Rose Invitation

Watercolor – a refreshing, elegant trend featuring soft washes of color as part of the design.  Often times it may appear as though the color was brushed onto the paper.  Watercolor wedding invitations are a versatile design choice that can fit a variety of wedding themes.

Affordable Wedding Invitations Watercolor Beauty

Watercolor Beauty Invitation

Now that you have these helpful explanations, why not start putting them to good use while doing some wedding invitation shopping.

In planning your wedding, have you given any thought to rehearsal dinner invitations?

They can come in handy when you are looking to share all the details of your rehearsal gathering with those you are inviting to attend – the wedding party and their significant others, your parents and possibly some close family and friends.  This is undoubtedly a much smaller event than your actual wedding but making sure all those involved know exactly when and where it’s going to happen is still important.

Sending a wedding rehearsal invitation will hopefully eliminate anyone being overlooked or any miscommunication of the details.  Having a special invite will also serve as a reminder to guests of the schedule of events for this night before your wedding.

Even though the rehearsal of the ceremony is most important, the dinner that follows is a great time for everyone to get to know one another as well as relax and have a little fun before your wedding celebration.

Depending on how formal or casual your pre-wedding event will be, there are all different styles of rehearsal invitations from which you can choose.  Keep in mind that the design doesn’t have to match your wedding invitations but instead may reflect the type of rehearsal party you are planning.

If you happen to be having a barbeque party, this Night Before BBQ invitation would be perfect.  Its two-sided design has all the rehearsal details printed on the other side.

Rehearsal Dinner Invitations Night Before BBQ

Night Before BBQ Invitation

This Practice and Party design is eye-catching with its modern look, and it has room for both the rehearsal and dinner information to both be listed.  You’ll notice printed at the bottom of the card are the names of those hosting the rehearsal dinner and how to rsvp to them.

Rehearsal Dinner Invitation Practice and Party

Practice and Party Invitation

This enchanted Big Night Before two-sided design again has room for listing the specifics of both rehearsal events.  You also customize the look with your selection of ink colors and the style of outside border trim.

Rehearsal Dinner Invitations Big Night Before

Big Night Before Invitation

If you’re looking to keep your design simple, this Spirited Summons invitation will work nicely in your choice of ink color.

Rehearsal Dinner Invitations Spirited Summons

Spirited Summons Invitation

These are just a few of our many unique rehearsal dinner invitations that you can choose to personalize for your pre-wedding celebration so make sure to take a look at all of them.

Be sure to also check out our Pinterest board showcasing more creative ideas for your wedding rehearsal dinner – http://www.pinterest.com/prntdcreations/wedding-rehearsal-dinner/.

What could be more personal than photo wedding invitations?  In today’s world, everyone loves sharing selfies but why not share your photos as a couple even if they aren’t selfies.  Photographs also make your invitation a lasting keepsake for family and friends long after the wedding is over.

When invitation shopping, you’ll find many different styles and designs that feature one or even multiple photographs.  Some designs may even fit your wedding theme.  In this post, we are featuring just a few examples…

This Amor Invitation with its unusual folding pattern has space for four photos in two different sizes.  So if you can’t seem to choose just one or two favorites, this is the design for you.

Amor Photo Invitation

Amor Invitation

In this unique photo booklet invitation, All in the Details, your photos appear on the cover and adjacent to your invitation as you open the booklet.  Also included are pages to list accommodations, your reception details, and places to visit in the area for any out-of-town guests.

Photo Wedding Invitations All in the Details Photo Booklet

All in the Details Photo Booklet Invitation

As an all ‘n one design, this Cherished Moments Invitation has room for two photos and has a response postcard attached for guests to remove and mail back.

Cherished Memories All in One Invitation

Cherished Memories All in One Invitation

Fun banners in your choice of color are used on this Brilliant Banner Seal ‘n Send to highlight your favorite photo and wedding details.  Seal n send wedding invitations are designed to conveniently fold up into their own self-mailing piece with a response postcard attached for easy removal and return by your guests.  Both the mailing envelope and response card return envelope are eliminated.

Brilliant Banner Photo Seal n Send Invitation

Brilliant Banner Photo Seal n Send Invitation

These two invitations happen to be z-fold designs.  The Having and Holding Photo Invitation has space for two photos and the Lacy Burlap Photo Invitation has only one photo in the center panel.

Photo Wedding Invitations

Having and Holding Invite                  Lacy Burlap Invite

How about featuring your favorite photo on one side of your invitation with the other side having a design as with this Top Shot Photo Invitation or having the other side printed with your wording as on this So You Photo Wedding Invitation.

Top Shot Photo Invitation

Top Shot Photo Invitation

So You Photo Wedding Invitation

So You Photo Invitation

As you can see, there are many great ways to include photos on your invitations if that’s your preference.  Feel free to check out our entire selection of photo wedding invitations.

Remember, photos aren’t just for invitations…they are also fitting for save the dates, and pictures from your wedding are perfect for your thank you cards.

Wedding programs are not only helpful to guests but also add that special touch to your ceremony.  It’s probably safe to assume that your guests won’t know all the people involved in your wedding so programs are a great way to introduce your parents, the wedding party, ushers, etc., as well as those who are participating in the ceremony (officiator, musicians, organist, soloist, readers, etc.).  At the same time, guests will use your printed program to follow along with the order of service.

Here are a few other details that you may consider having printed on your programs, depending on your preferences and the available space…

  • The names of any family members or friends in whose honor you have placed a floral arrangement or special candle in loving memory on your special day.
  • A reminder to guests regarding cell phones and cameras.  Include a line such as…Welcome to our “unplugged” wedding.  We kindly ask you to put your phones and cameras away until the completion of the ceremony.
  • An invitation to guests along with the location if you are having a reception immediately following the ceremony.
  • A message of thanks to all of your guests for being with you on your wedding day.
  • Special sentiments to your wedding party, parents, etc.
  • A few favorite things or fun facts about you and your fiancé.
  • An announcement of your new home address as newlyweds.

When it comes to the design of wedding ceremony programs, the more traditional styles tend to be folded in half or into thirds as a trifold design.

Wedding Ceremony Programs

Loves Devotion                       Typography Blend Slimline

More modern styles can include whimsical designs, bold colors, 2-sided printing, unique shapes, etc.   This Graphic Delight design shown below has a blended mixture of different typestyles and contemporary graphics.  It’s also folded into thirds horizontally for a compact program size.

Wedding Programs Graphic Delight Slimline

Graphic Delight Slimline

You may even find that there is a program design to match or complement your wedding invitation design as shown here.

Jungle Love Wedding Invitation Program

Jungle Love Invitation & Matching Program

Another popular trend is attaching your program card to a plastic or wooden handle creating a wedding program fan.  This makes it easier for guests to hold the card and to conveniently use it as a personal fan for keeping cool during warm weather.  These program fans also come in unique and fun shapes as shown below.

Wedding Program Fans

Wedding Program Fans

It’s important to be accurate with all the details of your wedding program but you can also be creative with the design you choose to the delight of your guests.  Be sure to browse our entire selection of wedding programs including traditional, modern and whimsical styles.